Born over 60 years ago in Treviso, Italy by expert artisans from Venice, the Rubinato brand represents the forgotten beauty of Vintage writing. Rubinato quills pens are created to delight to its owners. The perfect gift for any occassion or for those looking to possess a one of its kind pen. Apart from quills, the brand has a range for calligraphy ethusiasts, they also make delicate pen holders made of hand blown glass, quill stands, brass seals and outstanding desktop accessories. For its customers, William Penn has commissioned a range of colourful quills with Sri Ganesh pen stands available exculsively in India. Note that no bird is killed or harmed to obtain the feathers. They are feathers that are naturally shed by the birds. Rubinato carefully sterlizes each feather individually, While some of the goose quills dyed to an exotic colour, others such as the Eagle, Pheasant & Peacock are natural.

Country Of Origin : Italy

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